New Product: Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods

Sentry Air Systems will now be offering off-the-shelf walk-in hoods or Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods. Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods ship in 5 business days instead of the industry standard 4-6 weeks+ lead time. With a few custom options, Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods provide a timely solution to help your facility start controlling fumes and particulate.

What is a Walk-in Fume Hood?

Walk-in Fume Hood

Walk-in Fume Hoods provide an enclosed area to contain and filter airborne contaminants produced from oversized equipment.

Walk-in Fume Hoods create an enclosure to isolate large lab equipment or machinery to capture fumes and particulate produced from the application. By containing the fumes, dust, and odors, the system helps prevent cross contamination into the surrounding workspace as well as helping to protect nearby employees from inhaling airborne contaminants. Walk-in Fume hoods provide an affordable and easy-to-setup “mini dirty room”. Walk-in Fume Hoods utilize a fan to draw fumes and particulate from under the hood intro the filtration system and release filtered air into the surrounding room. Also, Walk-in Fume Hoods can exhaust fumes externally through ductwork and fan systems (not included).

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Benefits of Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods

Quick Lead Time
Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods are ready to ship in 5 business days saving valuable time and providing employee respiratory protection sooner.

Variety of Custom Options
To ensure in stock availability, Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods offer limited custom options that satisfy most customer’s needs and application’s requirements.
• Size – 8’ x 8’ x 8’
• Wall Material – hard walls made of twinwall polycarbonate or anti-static vinyl curtains
• Ductless or Exhaust – include air cleaner(s) or exhaust collar(s) only
• Number of Air Cleaners or Exhaust Collars – choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4.

Heavy-Duty Steel Frame Construction
Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods frames are constructed with powder-coated heavy-duty steel frames which provide durability and stability.

Assortment of High-Quality Filtration
Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods can utilize filters for particulate control like HEPA, ULPA, and ASHRAE as well as filters for chemical fumes and odors like Activated Carbon and specialty-blended filter media (ammonia, acid gas, mercury, and aldehyde). A combination can be used to combat both fumes and particulate. Please consult your Sentry Air Systems application specialist to help your select the best suited filter or filter combination for your application.

Easy to Setup and Install
Compared to other dirty rooms or clean rooms, Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods are much easier to setup and install.

Expert Support
At Sentry Air, our team of experts are always here to answer your questions or concerns. We offer quick response to inquires and can help you select custom options best suited for your application.

Made in the USA
We manufacture all of our equipment at our factory in Houston, TX. We use high quality materials to help produce reliable systems. By supporting Sentry Air, you help support local communities and provide jobs to Americans.

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods Applications

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods Applications

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods can be used for applications such as light grinding or sawing.

Applications suited for Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods include housing large oversized machinery/ lab equipment and other purposes listed below:

Plastic Molding (regular and vacuum)
Lathes and Routers
Acid Gas Removal
Powder Processing
Solvent Parts Cleaning
Chemical Fumes
Light Grinding
Packing up boxes
Lab Processes

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods Technical Specifications

Model 8′ x 8′ x 8′
Dimensions 8′ wide x 8′ deep x 8′ tall
Frame Material 3″ x 3″ powder-coated steel structural tubing
Wall Material Options
Hard Walls (1/4” clear twinwall polycarbonate) or clear anti-static vinyl curtains
Weight Steel tubing: 3.29 lbs/ft; Twinwall Polycarbonate: 0.94 lbs/sq ft
Warranty Limited two-year warranty from date of shipment on defects due to
materials or workmanship.

Ductless Option Specifications

Air Cleaner Quantity Options
Choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 air cleaner(s)
Approximate Airflow
up to 700 CFM per unit
Main Filter Options HEPA (up to 99.97% efficient on particles down to 0.3 microns)
ASHRAE (up to 95% efficient on particles down to 0.5 microns)
Activated Carbon
Specialty-blended filter media (i.e. acid gas, mercury, aldehyde, and ammonia)

Ducted Option Specifications

Exhaust Collar Quantity Options
Choice of 1, 2, 3, or 4 Exhaust Collar(s)(s)
Exhaust Collar Diameter 8”

Quick Ship Walk-in Hoods Brochure

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