OSHA and CROET Release Brazilian Blowout/Formaldehyde Research Details

On Friday, October 29th, Oregon Health Sciences University’s Center for Research in Occupational and Environmental Toxicology’s (CROET) “Emerging Issues and Alerts” section of their website revealed important documents released by Oregon OSHA regarding the research and analysis performed on samples of Brazilian Blowout hair straightening solution.

These documents are useful for any salon owner or stylist who is performing hair straightening treatments utilizing the brand Brazilian Blowout (including their “formaldehyde-free” version) and other hair straightening solutions. “Significant levels” of formaldehyde (deemed a carcinogen by the National Cancer Institute) were found in some of these treatments (in both the product and air samples) and Oregon OSHA has released a statement urging salon stylists to operate caution and engineering controls when utilizing keratin-based hair straightening treatments.

Here are the documents:

Keratin Based Smoothing Products and the Presence of Formaldehyde was released by Oregon OSHA and CROET. This 34-page paper explains the results and methods of the analytical testing performed on 105 various hair-smoothing samples and goes into detail regarding the 1) Background & History of the study, 2) The Signs, Symptoms and Effects of Formaldehyde Exposure, 3) Formaldehyde and Methylene Glycol, 4) The Analytical Methods utilized, 5) Summary and Discussion of Oregon OSHA Bulk Sample Results, and 6) Summary and Discussion of Oregon OSHA Air Monitoring Results. [Take a look at pages 21-24 of the document to see what specific brands they tested and what the results were].

October 29, 2010 Press Release: Oregon OSHA press release reiterating caution to salons using hair smoothing products

Oregon OSHA Hazard Alert: Hair Straighteners and Formaldehyde. A Hazard Alert with important information about stylist exposure, the hazards of Formaldehyde, OSHA regulations, worker protection suggestions, etc.

Fume Extraction

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