Fire-Retardant Fume Extraction Products

For those working in industries with high heat intensity, like welding, it is important to choose safety engineering controls that can withstand and protect against the flames and heat. For instance, welders choose heat-resistant personal protective equipment like gloves, sleeves, jackets, aprons, and helmets to protect themselves from heat and stray welding sparks.

Respiratory safety engineering controls are examples of equipment that are also used in close proximity to the heat source during welding. This can include both respiratory masks and source-capture fume extraction systems.

In recognizing the major safety concern with stray sparks and the potential for flames to ignite materials, Sentry Air Systems chooses to use fire-retardant materials in certain parts of our Welding Fume Extractors:

Flame-Retardant Flex Arms

Our unique self-supportive flex hoses are constructed from a proprietary flame-retardant material. The hose will not burn on impact of a flame or spark. This is particularly important in welding and brazing applications.

Filters Composed of Flame-Retardant Materials

Over the years, we have developed a proprietary HEPA filter that is fire-retardant and will not ignite if a spark or flame source comes into contact with it. In addition, the pre-filter media that we use is self-extinguishing and designed to not burn.

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