Sentry Air Systems Celebrates Earth Day!

Sentry Air Systems celebrated Earth Day this year by providing Environmental Conservation Tips, Local Recycling Center Location Info. Sheets, Reusable Grocery Bags, Reusable Water Bottles & Coffee Cups, Herbs, and Oak Trees to employees.

For ideas on how to be more environmentally responsible, visit the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) website.

Growing your own garden can help stabilize global warming, increase
 oxygen production, and decrease fuel and energy use in the transportation
of store-stocked fruits, vegetables, and herbs.

Keep folded-up reusable shopping bags in your car or purse so it is
easier to remember to bring them in the store with you.
Try to switch your paper and styrofoam cups for reusable coffee cups
and water bottles (your drinks will probably stay hotter (or colder)
in the reusable options!)
Plant a Tree! Some of our employees received Live Oak Trees.
Spread Awareness!

We are a company focused on the environment and doing our part, which starts with educating our employees on the benefits of environmental protection and conservation. Spread awareness at your wokrplace by making a pledge on the EPA’s website then asking your coworkers to do the same:

Happy Earth Day (two days early)!