Brazilian Keratin Treatment Fume Extractor Testimonial

Steve Tcherkezian is a BKT and Japanese Hair Straightening Specialist at Nouveau Hair Gallery in Toronto, Canada. He currently uses our Model SS-300-BKT Fume Extractor to help reduce fume exposure while performing hair treatments on clients:

“Hey, my name is Steve Tcherkezian. I am in Toronto, Canada. I specialize in the Brazilian/BKT and Japanese Hair Straightening/TR.

For those of you Brazilian BKT stylists who are still contemplating whether you should or should not use a fume extractor, my advice is DO IT, and do it NOW. Sentry Air’s fume extractor sucks the fumes into its filtration system and does a great job. I have done thorough research and decided to purchase Model SS-300-BKT from Sentry Air and I use it to do the Brazilian BKT.

Just look at fume when you’re pressing the hair with the iron while doing the Brazilian, and then, half an hour later, look at ceiling in the salon; notice the haze/fumes from the Brazilian/BKT? It’s THERE without a doubt and you know we need a system. By the way, I decided to use it when I do the Japanese/TR too. I find it reduces the smell of ammonium thioglycolate (stinky) dramatically. Good choice and my clients love it!

The unit is very functional and very easy to use. Your clients will notice the comfort level and they’ll love it, and you’ll love this unit even more. Additionally, I find the acoustics of the unit to be very pleasing even when I turn it to its maximum. In fact, I find it puts my clients into a very relaxed mode. Not sleepy; just very relaxed, soothing mode!

You can create new technology but there is no consistency in the technology. You can create Customer Service, but there is no consistency in Customer Service. Sentry Air obviously learned their technology prior to letting it go out and you can always see it in its performance. The BEST Source Capture Fume Extractor that rolls on rollers is Model SS-300-BKT. In the beginning you may find it awkward, but once you use it, you don’t want to do without it. That is my true observation.

But that’s not all! Melissa Vaughn at Sentry Air is a breath of Fresh Air. She really is. Melissa is consistent, honest and most caring person I have ever met, and she knows her stuff. Sure, we all want to sell our product, but functionality and Customer Service and Customer satisfaction is important. At Sentry and with Melissa, I have experienced and received the BEST and highest level of Customer Care Service ever – The Stamp of Excellence. To exemplify what I am talking about, just make an enquiry via email to Melissa about the unit, and you’ll see exactly for yourself what I am talking about.

As you know, the Brazilian BKT is already a very popular in-salon service and in very high demand. I advertise on Google AdWords and the statics tells me that out of 100 Clicks, 85% of the Clicks is on the Brazilian/BKT and 15% of the Clicks is on the Japanese/TR. The investment for this unit will surmount the benefit for you, and for your clients. Don’t procrastinate and don’t think about money and cost for the unit, you’re a Pro; you do things the way Professionals do it. Besides, when your clients start asking you questions about the unit, and once they realize the benefit, they will really admire your “Professional Approach to The Brazilian BKT”.

Final thoughts: Make doubly sure to double-up on the air filters. The reason I say this is because this unit, Model SS-300-BKT from Sentry Air is for “keeps” for a long, long, very long time. And most importantly, please keep in mind that I have no gain whatsoever in saying these nicest things about Melissa and Sentry Air. And when I say Sentry Air, I mean Melissa. She is the Pillar! I 1000% recommend Model SS-300-BKT from Sentry Air to EVERY STYLIST doing the Brazilian/ BKT.

Most importantly, this is NOT a Commercial by any means, and I sincerely hope that you trust and believe my sincerity; I am genuinely sharing. I am very happy with the unit and I want all of my Brazilian BKT stylists/colleagues to know. And that’s all.

PS- There are companies in Canada that manufacture fume extractor, but I decided to go with Sentry Air. And since I imported this unit from the USA, I had to pay Canada Customs, Taxes and Dollar exchange rate and that cost me an additional $450. For those of you in the USA…. you just saved yourself that extra cost…”

You can reach Melissa Vaughn from Sentry Air Systems via email at

Sentry Air Systems
832-255-7111 (direct)
713-690-2153 (main)
713-690-7872 (fax)

Yours truly,

Steve Tcherkezian

Brazilian & Japanese Hair Straightening – REAL Specialist
Nouveau Hair Gallery
201 Huntington Park Drive
Thornhill, ON. L3T 7A7 (Greater Toronto Area)
Steve Direct: 416 669 9118