Testimonial: Room Air Cleaner for Allergies

We use our Sentry Air Purifier [Model SS-300-PRAC] in the basement of our home. Before using the Sentry Air System our entire lower floor had a musty, moldy smell that no deodorant could mask. Further, we had tried using other air purifying systems but none would do the job. I have lived with allergies my whole life and being in our basement was always such a struggle that I eventually stopped going to that part of our house.

Now I can live allergy-free in our basement. I have actually moved my bedroom to that level of our home. The system easily filters the entire bottom level without a problem.

Sentry Air Systems is heads above their competitors. The system noticeably pulls air through the machine and spouts out clean filtered air. And the best part is that IT WORKS!

Chris Carsten

Take a look at this blog entry explaining our Particle Reduction Test for the Model 200 and Model 300 Portable Room Air Cleaners, or look at a PDF version of the report.

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