Testimonial: The importance of finding an appropriate solder fume extractor

Selecting a Soldering Fume Extractor

In 2009, Pro Audio LA was experiencing rapid growth. The hours spent soldering and assembling custom professional audio cabling increased, and they quickly realized that their current tabletop fan would not sufficiently push solder fume away from their technicians. Knowing that solder fume contains hazardous oxides that should not be inhaled, Pro Audio LA searched for a solution that was safe, efficient and would help follow OSHA requirements.

Their search led them to Sentry Air Systems where they purchased their first fume extractor unit [SS-200-WSL]. Unfortunately, after a few months of working with it, they determined that this particular unit probably wasn’t the best fit for their operation.

When Jason Hanan from Pro Audio LA called back to discuss other options, he was met with “earnest accountability and a cooperative spirit.”

Their sales rep, Omar Ilsever – who also happens to be our sales manager – worked with Jason to identify a more appropriate unit [SS-360-DCH].

“Sentry made it easy for us to transition to the new unit without excessive drama or restocking fees….At all times their customer service has been professional, helpful, and accommodating.”

Unique Solutions for Unique Applications

Every customer comes to us with a unique need or problem, and it is our responsibility to use our knowledge and experience to recommend an appropriate solution. More importantly, we are honest when we feel our products could not safely or adequately solve their needs.

When Pro Audio LA wasn’t happy with their initial purchase, our sales team worked diligently and swiftly to get them the right product.

“I appreciated their approach very much, and they have made a loyal customer out of Pro Audio LA.”

Ductless Fume Hoods for Soldering Fume Control

Once they swapped out their initial unit for a 60” wide Ductless Fume Hood, Pro Audio LA was immediately impressed by the hood’s performance and durability.

“We use the hood about 50 hours per week and it has never let us down.”

The added security of knowing their hood is extracting and filtering out hazardous solder fume has brought their staff and ownership peace of mind.

“The hood keeps our work environment safe…we can count on our Sentry unit to provide us with the capabilities we require in our busy business.”

Consistent, effective performance

When asked to describe their experience using our hood, Pro Audio LA didn’t hesitate to praise its durable construction and consistent performance.

“The filtration cabinet with motor is solidly built, and when the suction power starts to lessen we can count on a filter change and good cleaning to restore the hood’s capabilities to peak performance.”

The size of the hood allows two soldering technicians to comfortably work side-by-side, and Jason notes that the hood operates “relatively quietly”; which helps their technicians communicate without raising their voices.

Additionally, the hood has contributed to Pro Audio LA’s overall professionalism and credibility as an established business.

“When folks come by our shop they see the hood and immediately know they’ve come to a professional operation.”

Superior Customer Service

We are always excited when previous customers call on Sentry Air to provide additional equipment for their business. Not only are their companies growing, but they have confidence in our products and truly find them helpful.

“Sentry has the right balance of industry expertise and human touch that makes doing business with them a pleasure. They didn’t treat us like just another sale – they bent over backward to make sure we were 100% satisfied. I look forward to many more years of working with them to meet our needs as our business grows.”

Jason Hanan, Pro Audio LA

About Pro Audio LA

Pro Audio LA is comprised of a small group of professional audio engineers, audio technicians, and integration experts. Their cables are hand-made from the highest quality components available. They offer some of the best professional audio and recording equipment on the market and are committed to providing the tools that will breed better music, better sound, and easier workflow. For more information, check out their facebook and twitter accounts.

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