When humanitarianism begets sales

Omar Ilsever - Fellow humanitarian and Sales Manager at Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

Omar Ilsever – Fellow humanitarian and Sales Manager at Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

From a young age, Omar Ilsever had an innate desire to make a positive impact on people’s lives. His search for an effectual career led him to Bryan Rossnagel’s office nearly nine years ago.

“This was not a regular job.”

At the time, Mr. Rossnagel, President of Sentry Air Systems, was looking for someone eager to join a company whose mission was to impact the world and give back to people by providing products that protected one’s health.

Mr. Rossnagel didn’t want the typical salesman who only focused on orders and quotas. Instead, he wanted someone whose focus was on helping people by providing effective solutions to their needs.

Since joining Sentry Air Systems almost a decade ago, Omar has found success in melding his humanitarian passion with his solutions-oriented approach to sales.

“I’m finally impacting people’s lives!”

Throughout his workday, Omar speaks with dozens of customers who want to breathe cleaner air. Whether it is a compounding pharmacist who faces negative side effects from inhaling airborne medicinal powders, or a welder who has a nagging cough from breathing welding fumes, Omar works with customers to help them find an economical solution that protects their health.

One story in particular ruminates his thoughts often, and that is of a thankful wife who experienced firsthand the positive effects air filtration had on her husband.

This man in particular soldered by trade and endured years of coughing and lethargy. His wife recalled that he no longer had a smile on his face when going to work and she grew concerned for his health.

When the man contacted Sentry Air, he spoke with Omar and they both agreed that a Model 200 Floor Sentry would be an excellent solution for eliminating the hazardous solder fume he was exposed to at work.

After a few months of using the fume extractor, the very elated wife called Omar to announce that her husband’s chronic cough went away and his energy and enthusiasm returned; he was himself again!

Simple Solutions for Cleaner Air

It is stories like this that fuel the heartbeat of Sentry Air and drive us to continually design products that protect worker health. Our products are simple in their design yet effective, and their superior-made construction offers years of dependable air filtration and health protection.