Press Release: Sentry Air Systems’ New Model 500 Fume Extractor

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Sentry Air Systems’ New Model 500 Industrial Fume Extractor is a Healthy Solution for Welders, Grinders and Any Worker Who Requires Both Engineered Fume Control and Maneuverability

Without protection, many industrial workers may breathe harmful fumes from welding, metal working, and solvents as well as air-borne particulates from handling powders and chemicals.

HOUSTON, TX, March 06, 2012 — Sentry Air Systems’ Model 500 Heavy-Duty Fume Extractor removes and filters workplace fumes and particulates up to 1,300 cubic feet of air per minute (1300 CFM). Cleanable particulate filters (Micro-Pleat Series) or activated carbon filters can be installed on the Model 500, making it a heavy-duty air purification solution for welding, grinding, powder filling, and chemical fumes. Optional specialty-blended filters help to clean the air of specific substances, such as mercury, aldehyde and ammonia. A variety of capture options ensures the pollutants are arrested at the source, before they contaminate the larger work space. Air ducts to the outside are not required; this mobile unit can easily be rolled throughout your workspace.

High CFM means speed and power. The 500 series unit offers the most powerful air volume of the Sentry Air product family. Variable speed control allows manual manipulation of air speed from 400 CFM to 1300 CFM. Heavy fume-producing applications require high-speed movement of air volume to effectively capture pollutants. Rapid processing of contaminated air helps keep workers and their environment safe and healthy.

Cleanable Particulate Filters. Micro-Pleat Series 1 particulate filters can be cleaned with pressurized air while remaining in the Model 500 chassis. An internal dust pan collects the waste to simplify debris removal. These cleanable filters can be reused, lowering filter replacement costs. The Series 1 filters for the Model 500 offer approximately 760 sq. ft. of particle-collecting media. These filters collect particles as small as bacteria, meeting the EPA’s MERV 16 standard suggested for general surgery suites, a higher standard than that required in many industrial environments.

Activated Charcoal Filters. The Model 500 utilizes 240 lbs. of activated charcoal in four filter frames to reduce the presence of volatile organic compounds (VOC), potentially harmful gases emitted from solids and liquids that can produce short-term and long-term adverse health effects. Users can remove the activated charcoal when it becomes saturated and replace it by filling the filter frames with activated carbon purchased individually or in bulk, keeping maintenance costs down. 

Source capture for multiple workers. Each Model 500 can provide source-capture support for up to four workers. Two types of source-capture arms can be ordered with the Sentry Air Model 500: articulated and flexible steel-ribbed hose. The articulated arm is eleven feet long and flame-retardant. The steel-ribbed hose arm, also flame-retardant, comes in twelve or twenty-five foot long options and is equipped with a magnetic capture hood that can be secured to metal fixtures for hands-free fume removal in unusual work positions. These arms can be positioned to meet the fume removal demands of most workspaces.

Move it where it’s needed. The Series 500 needs no exterior air exhaust and is 100% portable throughout the floor work area. Its flexible source-capture arms and heavy duty, lockable casters provide maneuverability that matches the flexibility demonstrated in today’s industrial environments.

For more information about indoor air quality, visit OSHA’s or the EPA’s websites:

The Model 500 Heavy-Duty Fume Extractor is designed to accommodate either
Cleanable Particulate Filters (Micro-Pleat Series) or Activated Carbon filters.
The Model 500 is also available with a highly flexible, flame-retardant
12-foot extraction arm. Equipped with magnetic capture hood.
Sentry Air’s Model 500 Fume Extractor is equipped with heavy-duty casters for easy mobility.
The Model 500 is equipped with a variable speed control that allows the operator to fluctuate between
400 CFM (Low) and 1300 CFM (High). Air volume varies based on filter media selection.
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