Removing soot from workplace air after a fire: Our experience

Not too many months ago, there was a fire in an adjoining suite of the business park we called home.

No direct flames, lots of smoke

The overwhelming smell of smoke in a significant portion of our building made it impossible to work there, so one department moved to offices with cleaner air.

We lost inventory to smoke damage; it was uncomfortable to even walk through warehouse segments of our facility. Instead, to get to another department, we would go outside and then use any exterior door that let us avoid the truly bad smells. (Some of us considered climbing in and out of windows just to avoid the smell of smoke.)

Turned to our products

Sentry Air's Model 2000 Free-hanging ambient air cleaner.The Model 2000 Free Hanging Air Cleaner (shown to the right) is called ‘free-hanging’ because it is designed for suspension from a ceiling in facilities with renegade fumes from industrial processes.

It can also be mounted on a shelf or attached to one of our stands.

We just put it on a cart and rolled it into the warehouse.

It was our first choice because a factory test with two Model 2000 units in a local 40,800 cubic-ft workshop indicated an 87% reduction in airborne particulate 50 minutes after they were turned on.

Within a day, we no longer had to hold our breath when we walked through that segment of our facility.

Sentry Air's Model 2000 ambient air cleaner on a portable bench.

As you can see in this photo from the floor of a manufacturer of architectural glass products, we weren’t alone in our decision to not suspend a Model 2000. In this facility, a particle on a glass product can mean a ruined product. We like seeing the Model 2000 sitting there on its cart, doing its job.

Model 700 Ambient Air Cleaner, many filtration options

Sentry Air's Model 700 ambient air cleaner.

The Model 700 Ambient Air Cleaner produces up to 800 CFM, depending upon filter configuration, which can include both HEPA for particles and activated carbon for odors and chemicals. It uses standard 115/1/60 power.

Restaurants, gyms and sports facilities put the Model 700 to use to keep their buildings fresh and inviting.

Filter configurations that capture both particles and odors are possible in this unit.

Relief for individual offices

Not all our offices smelled like smoke, but every opened office door presented opportunities for the smell of smoke to drift in.

So we plugged in portable room air cleaners wherever they were needed.

Sentry Air's Model 400 and Model 300 portable room air cleaners.

Our Model 400 and Model 300 Portable Room Air Cleaners use the same effective technologies important to our customers in welding, manufacturing and laboratories who meet NIOSH and OSHA exposure regulations.

They offer industrial strength, high-volume air cleaning capability in small footprints.

They’re portable, quiet and can be equipped with filter types that capture both particles and odors.

Additional restoration business opportunity?

Our air cleaners work for you and your crew while you’re on the job.

They make it a little easier to perform the difficult tasks that make up your workload as you help your customers get back to normal.

You may find that your customers’ post-fire interest in soot and odor removal creates an additional business opportunity for you.

Our volume pricing may make rental of our air cleaners to your customers a genuine benefit to them and a revenue opportunity for you.

Just so you know

We believe that testing our fume extractors and air cleaners adds credibility to what we say about our products.

One report illustrates how our Model 300 reduced particle counts by over 95% in just 90 minutes.  The smaller Model 200 reduced particle counts by 80% in the same amount of time; not too shabby.

Third-party industrial hygienists tested our popular Model 300 Portable Fume Extractor with HEPA filter for hex chrome efficiency and found it 99.9% effective. Our cleanable filters are 97% effective for hex chrome.

Our library of efficiency tests continues to grow and we hope you’ll check them out.

Improve customer situations after fires

For more information on how our systems capture soot and control odors, give Sentry Air Systems a call today at 800-799-4609, email, or visit our website.

Sentry AIr's Model 400 portable room air cleaner with a fireman challenging members of the restoration industry.