Clean Air Gem: Sylla Designs

Silver – handcrafted and like no other

Jewelry designed and hand-crafted by Sylla reflects his deep affiliation with the medium shown here, silver, and the precise manual techniques of his Senegalese jewelry-making family.

Bangles, bracelets, more

To celebrate Jewel Day 2013, Sentry Air is featuring bracelets designed and crafted by Sylla.

Please note that Sylla works in both gold and silver and creates many more types of jewelry, including rings, necklaces and custom designs, but we are focusing on his silver bracelets in this blog because they are stunning.

Sentry Air is familiar with the Sylla’s work because he and his wife Marie are our customers.

Why a silver craftsman needs an air cleaner

To begin creating a new piece, Sylla must melt silver or heat sheets of silver so that it can be shaped.

Melted or heated silver can produce fumes – and it’s never a good idea to breathe any metal fumes.

[Over-exposure to silver fumes is unusual, though, because it can permanently change the color of one’s eyes and skin.]

Recommended by the HVAC guy

When their building’s HVAC contractor suggested they not rely solely on building ventilation to protect their breath, Sylla and Marie ordered a Model 200 Floor Sentry.

You can see its flexible arm in the photograph of Sylla at his workbench below.

Marie reports the unit is quiet and convenient to re-position.

Yes, it looks a little alien-esque

We are aware that this baby looks a little like something only an extra-terrestrial mother could love.

But can you say inner beauty?

Because what’s inside, the powerful fan and filtration system, provides safe air for Sylla to breathe while he works.

Now that’s beautiful.

The SS-200-FS Floor Sentry at Sylla Designs is equipped with both an Activated Carbon filter and a HEPA filter.
The unit’s Activated Carbon traps odors before they are spread throughout the studio.
The HEPA filter traps particles as small as 0.3 microns. For reference, the eye of a needle is ~1200 microns in size.

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