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Content centered around Soldering applications and what Sentry Air offers to mitigate soldering fumes and particulate problems.

A clean air gem for Jewel Day 2015: Manon Doyle

Metalsmith and jewelry maker Manon Doyle regularly reinvents her artistic self. Her first love was painting. Then she worked in glass mosaics for a while, sometimes in three dimensions, like a sculptor. When she was ready to move on from mosaics, she chose enamel work. To learn enameling basics, she attended workshops at Haystack Mountain… Learn More

Comparing Solder Fume Extractors: It’s all about the filter

Whether you suffer from headaches after soldering or are trying to comply with OSHA regulations, certain considerations should be made before purchasing a solder fume extractor. There is a wide range of solder fume extractors on the market priced from $45 to several hundred dollars. Before you are tempted by the price tag, consider why… Learn More

Jewel Day 2014: Catherine Witherell

If you sometimes struggle with your creative life and occasionally need a lift, visit the happydayart blog of artist Catherine Witherell. She’s a creative tour de force, a jewelry maker, sculptor, printmaker, collagist, photographer, painter — to name only the most obvious. Maker space in her head Catherine’s online presence is one of happy and… Learn More

Clean Air Gem: Sylla Designs

Silver – handcrafted and like no other Jewelry designed and hand-crafted by Sylla reflects his deep affiliation with the medium shown here, silver, and the precise manual techniques of his Senegalese jewelry-making family. Bangles, bracelets, more To celebrate Jewel Day 2013, Sentry Air is featuring bracelets designed and crafted by Sylla. Please note that Sylla… Learn More

Clean Air Gem: Nicole Wayne Adornment Design

Textures, moods, design integrity Jewelry designed and created by Kim Coy transmits her admiration of forms found in nature and their inherent perfection. She figures if she works to nature’s standards, she’ll produce elegant jewelry so well made it will last a lifetime. Career changed, jewelry lovers benefitted In celebration of Jewel Day 2013, Sentry… Learn More

Solder Fume Extractors: How to Choose the Appropriate Model

The questions below are designed to help you decide which solder fume extractor is the best fit for your particular application: What type of soldering are you doing? Hand Soldering Wave Soldering Reflow Soldering Production Soldering Maintenance Soldering Pipe Soldering Mechanical & Aluminum Soldering Resistance Soldering Stained Glass Soldering and More… The type of soldering… Learn More

Fume Extraction for Jewelry Makers

Jewelry Makers who utilize silver soldering, welding, epoxy resins, solvents, sanding, polishing chemicals, electroplating, and many other forms of art creation are very aware of the respiratory hazards involved. Fumes and debris are often a standard by-product of jewelry-making processes, from bead-making to metal-working. In regard to studio safety, an article on Jewelry Artist Magazine… Learn More