Clean Air Gem: Nicole Wayne Adornment Design

Textures, moods, design integrity

Jewelry designed and created by Kim Coy transmits her admiration of forms found in nature and their inherent perfection.

She figures if she works to nature’s standards, she’ll produce elegant jewelry so well made it will last a lifetime.

Career changed, jewelry lovers benefitted

In celebration of Jewel Day 2013, Sentry Air is happy to feature earrings designed and created by Kim Coy of Nicole Wayne Adornment Design.

When Kim decided to become a stay-at-home mom with a part-time jewelry passion, she named her company after her husband and daughter: Nicole Wayne.

Her re-focused career has created beautiful objects for those who love to wear exquisitely designed jewelry, including the earrings we show here.

Sentry Air is familiar with Kim’s work because she’s our customer.

Why a metal-working artist needs protection from fumes

Artists who work with silver know that silver solder paste gives off acid fumes and smoke and should not be inhaled.

Producing intricate silver jewelry, products that are small and detailed and require close-up soldering can present hazards to artists.

Without a device for moving fumes away from their noses and mouths, they would be inhaling fumes when they soldered their work.

When Kim set up her at-home studio, she knew she wanted her studio to be a safe and productive space.

Capture fumes where they are created

Kim chose a portable fume extractor with casters for mobility, a self-supporting arm, and high-quality filtration media.

We call such a device a Model SS-300 Portable Floor Sentry.

Note the fume extractor’s graceful lines, perky handle, and sinuous arm that can be positioned to capture fumes at their source – some might call it a gem in its own right.

Kim’s Model SS-300-PFS is equipped with two types of filters. HEPA filtration captures particles as small as 0.3 microns. [For reference, roughly 645,160,000 square microns would fit in one square inch.] She also has a 10 lb activated carbon filter to collect fumes.

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