Fume Extraction for Jewelry Makers

Jewelry Makers who utilize silver soldering, welding, epoxy resins, solvents, sanding, polishing chemicals, electroplating, and many other forms of art creation are very aware of the respiratory hazards involved. Fumes and debris are often a standard by-product of jewelry-making processes, from bead-making to metal-working.

In regard to studio safety, an article on Jewelry Artist Magazine explains that “There are two basic ways to protect your lungs — good ventilation and an appropriate respirator. Adequate ventilation can be expensive, but the benefit to your lungs cannot be overrated.”

Sentry Air Systems Jewelry Making Fume Extractors

Sentry Air Systems has been working with jewelry-makers for several years to improve respiratory safety in their commercial and in-house shops. As a company, we believe in air purification and fume extraction equipment that effectively captures airborne pollutants at the source before they are able to disperse into the room or into the operator’s respiratory zone (source-capture equipment).

We offer several fume extraction configurations that cater to individual preference. Among these are portable bench-top units, floor units, wall-mounted units, and hood-style units. All of these configurations are designed to capture harmful pollutants and direct them into the filter chamber, which is equipped with high-quality filtration media depending on the type of jewelry-making processes you utilize the most. HEPA filtration [up to 99.97% efficiency on particles .3 microns and larger], Activated Carbon, and Specialty-blended filter media are among the most common filtration options. Fumes are purified within this chamber before they are released back into the immediate room. With Sentry Air purification systems, there is no need to duct outside (which can be quite costly).

Featured below are Sentry Air’s most popular units selected by jewelry makers:

Model 200 Floor Sentry

The Model 200 Floor Sentry [SS-200-FS] fume extractor, which can either sit on the floor while the hose is extended to the workspace, or it can serve as a bench-top unit. The included hose is flexible and self-supportive, which allows the operator to place it in the most effective position. To see a video and receive additional information on this product, visit our website.

Model 100 Stainless Steel Floor Sentry – ESD Safe

The Model 100 Stainless Steel Floor Sentry [SS-100-FS-ST] is an ESD-Safe fume extractor with a self-supportive flex arm. It can be used as either a floor or bench-top model. To see a video and additional information on this product, visit our website.

Model 100 Stainless Steel Solder Sentry

The Model 100 Stainless Steel Solder Sentry [SS-100-SS-ST] is an ESD-Safe bench-top fume extraction unit. For additional information on this unit, visit our website.

Model 200 Winged Sentry

The Model 200 Winged Sentry [SS-200-WSL] is a uniquely designed bench-top fume extraction unit with infinitely adjustable side “wing flaps”. This unit can be assembled with or without a lid. For additional information on this product, click here.

Model 200 Sky Sentry

The Model 200 Sky Sentry [SS-200-SKY] is a wall-mounted fume extraction unit with a self-supportive flex hose for source capture. For more information, click here.

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