New artist friend from Adorn Me! liked using our fume extractors in her class

Diane Cook, jewelry artists and aficiando of Sentry Air's solder fume extractors.

Diane Cook amid the tools she uses to teach students how to create a multi-dimensional pendant with romantic overtones. The extraction hose of a Model 100 Floor Sentry, used by workshop participants as they soldered their work, can be seen to the left. Our Floor Sentry provides solder fume extraction without taking up valuable workbench space.

We caught up with Diane Cook as she was finishing a workshop called Rustique Romance.

Diane describes herself as a “mixed media jewelry artist/teacher from Texas.”

In the workshop, students create pendants that feature a druzy, a stone coated glittering crystals.

Solder in the design

Among the materials to be used by workshop participants are nickel and sterling silver, jewelers bronze, brass or copper in sheet metal and wire.

Pendants made by jewelry artist Diane Cook, friend of Sentry Air fume extraction systems.As you can see in the photo of two of Diane’s pieces, left, softened solder wire plays an important role in each object’s overall design.

Diane said our fume extractors made a positive difference over the course of her workshop.

We’re happy Diane wants to address the hazards of solder fumes.

Our Model 100 Stainless Steel Floor Sentry is an effective, quiet and economical solution for artisans who solder.

Its flex hose is self-supportive, which means it holds its position after it is maneuvered into the desired position.

Like all of Sentry Air’s products, the Floor Sentry is manufactured in the United States and backed by our two-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

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Where to find Diane Cook

You can find more information about Diane and see examples of her work at the following links: