Softwall canopy fume hoods help ventilate large work areas

A common issue in many manufacturing facilities is large equipment that produces dust and fume.

These particulates can get sucked into a building’s HVAC system, float around in the ambient air, and settle on surfaces.

The thought of improving air quality may sound daunting when you have several hundred or several thousand square feet, tall ceilings, and budgets allocated to machinery and raw materials.

Additionally, installing ductwork or exterior ventilation is not only costly but it can interrupt manufacturing time – which also costs money.

So how do facility managers improve the air quality without destroying their budgets?

An economical solution may be to take a large area and enclose a portion with a softwall canopy hood to help control and contain fume and particulate.

Sentry Air offers cost-effective solution
Known for our modular design philosophy, Sentry Air Systems offers a softwall cleanroom system that is not only cost-effective but can be customized to suit your unique application.

The basic design utilizes one or more of our industrial mounted air cleaners atop a framed structure with side panels of strip curtains. Each air cleaner is equipped with a high quality HEPA filter to effectively capture particles down to 0.3 microns in size. If your application also produces noxious odors, our units can include carbon filter media alongside the HEPA filter to help adsorb these odor molecules.

Features of Sentry Air Softwall Canopy Hoods
• Modular Design
• Ductless Filtration
• Simple, Do-it-Yourself Assembly
• Can Easily Relocate

Below are a few examples of our softwall canopy hoods.


Softwall canopy hood with (4) SS-400-MS Mounted Air Cleaners


Softwall canopy hood with (4) SS-400-MS Mounted Air Cleaners

Hybrid Canopy Hoods
If you are interested in a hardwall canopy system but like the accessibility of a softwall system, consider a Sentry Air hybrid system. We can incorporate both hard panels and curtain panels into one system for even greater durability. Some examples are below.

Borg_Warner (2)

Three panel softwall cleanroom with wall mounted air cleaners

Final (14)

Three hard panels with softwall front and two mounted air cleaners

Final (11)

Three hard panels with softwall front and single mounted air cleaner with dust plenum

Interested in a softwall clean room? If your application requires a large area to be enclosed with positive pressure air supply, contact Sentry Air Systems for a quote on our softwall cleanrooms.

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