Testimonial: IceAlert, Inc. says adhesive fumes gone – completely

IceAlert, Inc. produces innovative safety systems that warn drivers and pedestrians when temperatures have dropped and ice may be present on roads and walkways.

When placed along a highway, the IceAlert system alerts drivers to potentially hazardous driving situations. In parking lots or along sidewalks, the system signals pedestrians to tread carefully as ice may have formed. In both situations, IceAlert products can reduce injuries and accidents.

IceAlert Installation 

IceAlert received and installed their Sentry Air Floor Sentry [Model SS-200-FS] with Carbon Pre-Filter and 2.5lb Carbon Filter on the same day.

IceAlert installed their Model 200 under the workbench where Weld-On 3 acrylic plastic cement is applied to polycarbonate parts. The unit’s flex arm draws fumes away from the worker’s breathing zone and into activated carbon filters that trap the fumes before they spread throughout the shop.

IceAlert, Inc. Testimonial

We are extremely happy with how it works. We use Weld-On 3 to weld our polycarbonate parts. Prior to using the Sentry Air system, we could smell the fumes throughout our shop even with a ventilation system.

We cut a hole in the table and attached the system from the bottom. Now, with the Sentry carbon filters there is no smell at all.

Best Regards,
Dennis Stephens
IceAlert, Inc.

Model #SS-200-FS Portable Fume Extractor

The IceAlert installation makes full use of the Model 200’s innate flexibility.

Under the bench or on top, the unit’s small footprint saves valuable work space while it provides optimum fume extraction. It’s an energy-efficient, quiet, and economical solution for removing unpleasant and unhealthy fumes.

Activated carbon filtration and chemical fumes

A small amount of activated carbon has a large amount of microscopic pores.

When used to filter air, the extreme porosity of activated carbon provides a significantly large surface area that can be exploited to trap chemical fumes. For example, about one pound of activated carbon may provide nine million square feet of surface area.  [Wikipedia has useful information on activated carbon.]

Typically, the size of a carbon filter [expressed in weight] is determined by the amount and nature of the chemical being used in a particular operation.

Our Applications Specialists work closely with customers who are seeking chemical fume control to make sure the carbon filtration is correctly selected and sized for the application. We also inform customers of the expected life cycle of the selected filtration, given their application, so that they can plan accordingly.

There’s a list of activated carbon adsorption ratings for over 200 chemicals on our website.

The activated carbon animation linked below is one of over 50 videos we’ve posted to YouTube to explain our products.

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