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Read content about electronic and technology applications and how the removal of fume, toxins, and particulate can be an integral part of the integrity of your electronic and technology practices.

Chip-off Forensics Respiratory Hazards

Chip Off Forensics

  Chip-off forensics enables law enforcement and forensic laboratories to recover and interpret data on flash memory devices such as mobile phones and hard drives (Ref. 1). After unsuccessful attempts of data extraction from other conventional methods, forensic experts can use the chip-off technique as a last resort data recovery procedure (Ref. 2). Chip-off forensics… Learn More

Fume Control for Conformal Coating PCBs [Ductless Spray Hoods]

Conformal Coating A highly recommended last step in the manufacturing process of developing printed circuit boards (PCBs) is conformal coating. Conformal coating is a protective film that is applied to PCBs to protect them from a variety of naturally-occurring and man-made environmental hazards, including moisture, chemicals, dust, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. This protective measure is especially important for sensitive… Learn More

The Hazards of Solder Fumes

Soldering, a process in which heat is used to join two metals together by melting a third metal or solder, can produce fumes or solder smoke that can be hazardous to the operators breathing zone. Depending on the application and particular solder, there is a wide variety of health concerns that can be associated with… Learn More

Portable Clean Room Hoods for Data Recovery

Data recovery is a very sensitive application. As a result, this “surgery” needs to be performed in a very clean and sterile environment. For those engaged in data recovery, it is essential to keep tiny micro-sized particles away from the open hard disks drives. If dust enters this equipment the damage can be extremely costly,… Learn More