Portable Clean Room Hoods for Data Recovery

The 40″ Portable Clean Room provides a reduced particulate environment designed for data recovery and hard drive restoration.

Data recovery is a very sensitive application. As a result, this “surgery” needs to be performed in a very clean and sterile environment. For those engaged in data recovery, it is essential to keep tiny micro-sized particles away from the open hard disks drives. If dust enters this equipment the damage can be extremely costly, and in some cases, the data contained on the hard disk could be lost forever.

Sentry Air Systems is committed to developing technology to help prevent this type of contamination from occurring. Our portable clean room hoods (PCR Hoods), not only meet but exceed ISO Class 5 (Class 100) Federal clean room standards to ensure that you will perform data recovery in an extremely clean area. We offer several sizes of portable clean room hoods ranging from 12” in width up to 40” wide. Custom sizes are available upon request for those that need more room. These well-built systems are manufactured in the United States and tested to ensure they will meet your high-quality data recovery standards.

Watch the video below to see our Portable Clean Room in action.

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