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IV Bag Preparation Best Practices Utilizing ISO Class 5 Laminar Flow Hoods

IV Bag Preparation

Medical professionals and naturopathic/holistic doctors have utilized IV vitamin/nutrient therapies for many years as a more natural approach to treating chronic conditions in patients. As opposed to oral medications or supplements that travel through the body’s digestive system, whereby diminishing absorption capabilities, IV therapy delivers optimal levels of the necessary vitamins/supplements directly to the bloodstream;… Learn More

Mycology Culture Sampling & Testing

Ductless Fume hood and Portable Clean room Mycology

Mycology, a branch of biology, focuses on the study of fungi. Heinrich Anton de Bary, a research botanist from Germany in the 1800s, is credited for his ground-breaking research on fungi-related plant diseases, which laid the foundation for modern mycology and plant pathology. The field of mycology is vast and includes a wide array of… Learn More

Economical clean room hood for platelet-rich plasma injection preparation

According to The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is “a patient’s own concentrated platelets (that) contain a large number of growth factors.” Patients with ligament, cartilage, tendon, or bone injuries turn to PRP injections to help reduce pain and stimulate healing in the affected area(s). Since PRP injections utilize the patient’s… Learn More

Very clean, compact workspace for electronics repair and data recovery

Among our most daring and entrepreneurial customers are those willing to throw wide the doors to civilization’s sacred objects — our phones and computerized devices. When these smarties repair a tablet screen or restore a hard drive within one of our Portable Clean Room Hoods, they expose the devices’ inner workings to a clean, ISO… Learn More

Mobile laboratories need modular, compact fume extraction solutions

Portable labs have unique needs when it comes to outfitting their trailer with equipment and tools. While space is tight, technicians and researches still need most of the same supplies found in brick and mortar labs. Items in particular are fume hoods and clean spaces. Fume hoods and fume extraction units help filter out hazardous… Learn More

Portable hood offers ISO Class 5 environment at a fraction of the cost

Many applications across several industries require the use of a clean room. Simply put, a clean room is a controlled environment with a low level of air pollutants like dust, vapors, aerosols and biological microbes. These environments vary in levels of sterility based on the application being performed. The more delicate the application, the more… Learn More

Testimonial: Sentry Air portable clean room increased screen-repair business

Jamey Dunham runs Repair Proz, an electronics repair business in Murfreesboro,Tennessee. He can repair just about any electronic device he encounters. These days, repairing electronic computer tablets with broken screens is a major part of his business. Dust vulnerability Microelectronic components in computerized devices are vulnerable to dust. A single speck can render them useless,… Learn More

Part One – Compounding Pharmacies: Regulatory Airflow and Filtration

State regulators enact laws that govern many industries, including compounding pharmacies. Frequently, they rely on performance standards established by other organizations, such as the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and NSF International (formerly National Sanitation Foundation.). The acronyms of these organizations are often attached to standards cited in legislation,… Learn More

Testimonial: Stem Cell Therapy and Portable Clean Room Hoods

Testimonial from Stemlogix, LLC: Stem Cell Therapy and Portable Clean Room Hoods Photo Credit: Stemlogix, LLC. “We are currently using the hoods [18” Wide Portable Clean Room Hoods] in Veterinary and Physician offices to separate stem cells from fat tissue. The doctors need something that is portable, light weight and requires minimal space. The Sentry Air… Learn More