Testimonial: Sentry Air portable clean room increased screen-repair business

Jamey Dunham, Repair Proz owner.

Jamey Dunham runs Repair Proz, an electronics repair business in Murfreesboro,Tennessee.

He can repair just about any electronic device he encounters.

These days, repairing electronic computer tablets with broken screens is a major part of his business.

Dust vulnerability

Microelectronic components in computerized devices are vulnerable to dust.

A single speck can render them useless, impossible to repair.

Dust can also have a purely cosmetic effect, in a negative way.

Specs that slip into the screen when the device is opened create an annoyance factor even if the screen is functioning perfectly.

Use the right tools

Jamey invests in appropriate tools for his business because he believes they are fundamental to achieving the best repair results.

You can see how much he appreciates tools in a video tour of his shop in the excerpts on the right.

He tells his customers, “You wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who has just a screwdriver to use, would you?”

Earlier this year, Jamey acquired a new tool, a Sentry Air 18-inch wide Portable Clean Room [PCR] Hood.

“This thing is a godsend.”

He uses the PCR to make sure dust doesn’t mar the screen or contaminate the digitizer while he’s got the tablet case open.

The portable clean room keeps the tablet uncontaminated while Jaime repairs it.

Jamey also believes that repairing electronic devices in a very clean workspace is one reason he can offer a longer warranty than his competitors.

Jamey’s video about our Model SS-218-PCR

Jamey is an outgoing kind of guy. When he wants to say something, he does.

So he made a little video about the role of our portable clean room [PCR] in his business.

In the video, he describes the PCR as “one of the most amazing devices we have for tablet repair.”

To hear Jamey discuss the PCR’s positive impact on his business, here’s a link to Jamie’s video: http://bit.ly/HQtpro.

In a recent telephone conversation, Jamie said that because he describes the benefits of the using the PCR to prospective customers, it has increased the number of devices he’s repaired by 15%-20%.

That’s a big deal. 

You can find Jamey via Repair Proz on Facebook and the Repair Proz website.

Model SS-218-PCR

Sentry Air’s 18-inch wide Model SS-218-PCR Portable Clean Room hood.

This unit utilizes dual-stage filtration consisting of a pre-filter and a HEPA or ULPA filter.

The HEPA filter is up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger. Jamie’s PCR is equipped with a HEPA filter.

ULPA filters are up to 99.9995% efficient on particles 0.12 microns and larger.

Because it has a small footprint and low energy requirements, this unit is used in stem cell therapy practices and field testing in remote tropical research sites.

Learn more about clean rooms for electronic repair

We’ve published a YouTube video on clean rooms and data recovery:

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