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Read content about data recovery and how the removal of fume, toxins, and particulate can be an integral part of the integrity of the application.

Portable Clean Rooms – Generation II – New Line from Sentry Air

Introducing Portable Clean Rooms – Generation II (PCR2). This system features an updated design that provides the operator with easy fan control, improved airflow, and efficiency. This line also offers larger sizes with the same dependability. Portable Clean Rooms – Generation II Updated Features Clean and Sleek Look The Portable Clean Room Generation II offers… Learn More

Very clean, compact workspace for electronics repair and data recovery

Among our most daring and entrepreneurial customers are those willing to throw wide the doors to civilization’s sacred objects — our phones and computerized devices. When these smarties repair a tablet screen or restore a hard drive within one of our Portable Clean Room Hoods, they expose the devices’ inner workings to a clean, ISO… Learn More

Testimonial: Sentry Air portable clean room increased screen-repair business

Jamey Dunham runs Repair Proz, an electronics repair business in Murfreesboro,Tennessee. He can repair just about any electronic device he encounters. These days, repairing electronic computer tablets with broken screens is a major part of his business. Dust vulnerability Microelectronic components in computerized devices are vulnerable to dust. A single speck can render them useless,… Learn More

Portable Clean Room Hoods for Data Recovery

Data recovery is a very sensitive application. As a result, this “surgery” needs to be performed in a very clean and sterile environment. For those engaged in data recovery, it is essential to keep tiny micro-sized particles away from the open hard disks drives. If dust enters this equipment the damage can be extremely costly,… Learn More