IV Bag Preparation Best Practices Utilizing ISO Class 5 Laminar Flow Hoods

IV Bag Preparation
Medical professionals and naturopathic/holistic doctors have utilized IV vitamin/nutrient therapies for many years as a more natural approach to treating chronic conditions in patients. As opposed to oral medications or supplements that travel through the body’s digestive system, whereby diminishing absorption capabilities, IV therapy delivers optimal levels of the necessary vitamins/supplements directly to the bloodstream; often resulting in immediate therapeutic responses1.

In addition to an overall increase in energy levels, IV vitamin/nutrient infusions have been found to help patients with a variety of medical conditions such as2:

Alzheimer’s Dementia Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Anxiety
Asthma (Acute & Chronic) Arthritis Autoimmune Illness
Cancer Celiac Disease Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Constipation Depression Diabetes Mellitus
Eczema Headaches Hypertension
Immune Disorders Macular Degeneration Multiple Sclerosis
Neuropathy Parkinson’s Disease Scleroderma
Shingles Toxicity Syndrome Vitiligo

Vitamin Infusion IV Bag Preparation and Best Practices

IV Bag Preparation Currently, the FDA does not explicitly regulate the process for IV bag preparation and filling for the use of vitamin/nutrient infusion therapy. However in recent years, the FDA has deferred to a US Pharmacopeia document entitled “USP 797: Pharmaceutical Compounding – Sterile Preparations” for possible future guidelines and regulations.

In her online publication entitled “Best Practices Guidelines for IV Preparation”, Colleen Huber, NMD, thoroughly explains how the USP 797 document allows a variance in sterile compounding risk levels and how healthcare professionals are allowed to use medical judgment regarding best practices to ultimately ensure a safe product for the patient3.

Ms. Huber’s manual on best practices for IV bag preparation includes standard aseptic techniques to prevent cross-contamination. In the section entitled “Compounding Conditions – The IV Preparation Room”, Ms. Huber recommends that “the room in which compounded sterile products containing IV nutrients are prepared, should rise to the following standards: to be adequately lit, with ventilation, air filters replaced once every two months, and cleaned on a regular basis, at least weekly, with all surfaces wiped from higher to lower.”

Also, the manual includes a list of criteria taken from the USP 797 publication in regards to low-risk compounded sterile products preparation which includes the use of an ISO Class 5 or better laminar flow hood for air quality.

Ultimately, any healthcare provider that prepares IV bags for vitamin/nutrient therapy must ensure that a safe, uncontaminated product is being used on each patient. This is accomplished through standard aseptic laboratory techniques, coupled with a preparation environment that is under positive pressure to reduce the number of contaminants in the air.

Benchtop Portable Clean Room Hoods

IV Bag Preparation The Sentry Air Systems 24-inch Wide Laminar Flow Hood [SS-324-PCR] is an ISO Class 5-rated positive-pressure hood designed to protect the IV bag preparation process being performed within the hood from outside ambient air. The fan/motor housing sits atop the hood enclosure and draws ambient air into a dual-stage filter chamber outfitted with a pre-filter and main HEPA filter, which capture up to 99.97% of particles down to 0.3 microns.

Sentry Air Portable Clean Room Hoods are an economical and easy-to-incorporate engineering safety control solution for protecting the process of IV bag preparation from contaminated ambient air. Constructed of high-density polyethylene, polycarbonate, and acrylic, the hood enclosure is both durable and lightweight, while the smooth surfaces make cleaning quick and easy.

The system also features energy-efficiency and quiet and low maintenance operation. A variable speed controller for air volume management and fluorescent light are included with this unit. An optional UV light is also available for sterilization purposes.

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