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Content centered around Welding applications and what Sentry Air offers to mitigate welding fumes, and particulate problems.

Welding, Manganese Fumes, and Related Negative Health Effects

Manganese: Both Healthy & Toxic Manganese, a naturally-occurring element, is a very important component for a variety of manufacturing and industrial operations, especially iron and steel production. It is also considered to be an essential nutrient for humans. It assists in a variety of bodily processes, including antioxidant function, metabolism, bone development, and wound healing [3]…. Learn More

Metal Fume Fever

Welder’s ague, zinc shakes, Monday fever, brass founders’ ague, and smelter chills are just a few of the names that metal fume fever has been referred to over the years [it was first documented in the mid-1800s]. [1] This occupational illness is typically seen in workers that weld, cut or heat metal materials; specifically zinc…. Learn More

Testimonial: Welding Fume Extractor for Machine Shop

  The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii utilizes a Sentry Air Systems Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor for a variety of processes: In our machine shop, we perform a number of operations including milling, lathing, welding and soldering/brazing. Most recently we were tasked with milling a bunch of 3/4″ thick… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extraction for Welding Stainless Steel

Edker Industries, Inc., a full-service precision sheet metal fabrication & laser cutting company, purchased a Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor for use when welding stainless steel: “Last summer, OSHA placed an air sampling device on our employee while he was welding stainless steel. It was a relief when the results came back ‘None Detected’ for Chromium… Learn More

New OSHA Hexavalent Chromium Requirement

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) released a press release on Friday, May 21st, regarding hexavalent chromium and worker knowledge of exposure. May 31st already marks the deadline for executing proper engineering controls related to worker exposure to hexavalent chromium (Click Here for information regarding this standard), and now June 15, 2010 marks another… Learn More

The Hazards of Welding Smoke

The Hazards of Welding Smoke & Devices Used to Reduce Exposure Description of welding and welding smoke Welding is a process that joins two materials by melting the pieces and adding a filler material to form a strong joint when cooled. More specifically, arc welding maintains an electric arc between an electrode and the material… Learn More