Testimonial: Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron, Inc.

Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron in Getzville, New York, offers a wide range of custom railing systems for both homes and commercial facilities.

They use a variety of metals in their work, including stainless steel, and they take pride in their use of both old techniques and new technologies.

Stainless steel and hex chrome

Hexavalent chromium, often called hex chrome, can become airborne when the high temperatures of welding oxidize chromium in the steel.

Because hex chrome can become a carcinogen if inhaled, metal fabricators and welding shops seek to limit exposure to respirable hex chrome by initiating controls on processes that may produce hex chrome, such as welding.

Source capture

Capturing particulate and fumes where they are created – referred to as source capture – is an engineering control chosen by Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron, who installed two Sentry Air Model 400 High Flow Portable Fume Extractors.

We have low ceilings in our shop.

When welding or grinding it is hard to get the smoke and dust out without heat loss.

We now have two units and it has reduced the smoke and dust by approximately 75%.

                                                     –Keith Deck, President

Old Dutchman’s also liked the size of Model 400 units and the ease of changing filters.

Model 400 High Flow Portable Fume Extractor 

This source-capture welding fume extractor includes a flame-retardant, self-supportive flex arm for easy and varied placement.

Sentry Air’s Model 400 High Flow Portable Fume Extractor captures fumes and particles at the source, where they are created.

With a small footprint plus a portability handle and heavy-duty casters, it is easily maneuvered throughout the shop.

The Model 400 has an airflow range of 50 to 700 cubic feet per minute, adjustable with a variable speed controller.

The Quick Change Pre-Filter accessory provides quick and easy access to the filtration chamber.

The unit is equipped with patented filters specifically customized for welding fume control.

Typically, HEPA filtration is utilized, which is up to 99.97% efficient on particles 0.3 microns and larger.

Additional filter options include ASHRAE [up to 95% efficient on particles 0.5 microns and larger] and ULPA filtration media [up to 99.9995% efficient on particles 0.12 microns and larger].

The Model 400’s energy consumption and noise level compare favorably with competing units.

April is National Welding Month

Sentry Air is pleased to acknowledge the welders and fabricators of Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron. Inc. during this month, which recognizes the hard work and great skills of welders.

You can see examples of their architectural and decorative products on their website.

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