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Content centered around Welding applications and what Sentry Air offers to mitigate welding fumes, and particulate problems.

Industrial Fume Control Solutions to Help Meet Year-End Budget Balances

  Are you looking for a helpful purchase that can satisfy year-end budget balances and add a safety benefit to your workplace? Industrial Engineering Respiratory Controls provide added safety with a quick turnaround to fulfill budget surpluses. Industrial Fume Control Systems not only help improve worker safety and morale but also help facilities be ready… Learn More

Hazards of Welding Fumes

Welding produces hazardous fumes that must be controlled to safeguard employee respiratory and overall health. Welding exposes metals to high levels of heat creating gaseous fumes and nano-particles. The hazards of welding fumes depend on the contents of the metal, the type of welding process, and the frequency of welding. Fume extractors must be utilized… Learn More

A discussion on 3D printers, UFP emission, and HEPA filtration

  Nowadays, it is a common sight to see 3D printers in homes, schools, offices, labs, and workshops. The ability to quickly and economically print objects and prototypes make 3D printing one of the fastest-growing technologies today. The process of creating three-dimensional printed objects is actually quite interesting. The majority of commercially available 3D printers… Learn More

Maintenance welding is an oil and gas industry application

Size matters. To support off-shore operations, for example, helicopters must be big enough to manage adverse weather and able to carry as many as two dozen crew members, plus their equipment, to rigs moored in deep water. However, the opposite is true for fume extractors used for maintenance welding on the rigs. These air filtration… Learn More

Customer testimonial related to Sentry Air’s hex chrome fume testing

April is welding month. It’s a good time to draw attention to a testimonial from Edker Industries. Edker Industries, Inc. Testimonial Application: Welding Stainless Steel Concern: OSHA Regulation on Hexavalent Chromium Product: SS-400-WFE Value Added: Positive test results, boost in employee morale “Last summer, OSHA placed an air sampling device on our employee while he… Learn More

Respiratory Hazards of Aluminum Welding

With increasing pressure from federal fuel efficiency standards and consumer demand for vehicles with higher miles per gallon ratings, motor companies are looking for ways to “reinvent the wheel”. In response to this demand, Ford Motor Company unveiled their new 2015 aluminum-bodied F-150 pickup truck (pictured to the left). By replacing the existing steel body… Learn More

Testimonial: Kingpin Tattoo Supply uses welding and solder fume extractors

  Florida’s Kingpin Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals. They manufacture their own line of tattoo equipment and also offer medical and piercing Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals. Their product line includes tattoo machines, inks, chairs, design collections – everything a tattoo shop might need. The company’s business model… Learn More

Negative Health Effects of Manganese Fumes, Welding Hazards

Manganese: Both Healthy & Toxic Manganese, a naturally-occurring element, is an important component for a variety of manufacturing and industrial operations, especially iron and steel production. Considered an essential nutrient for humans, manganese assists in a variety of bodily processes including antioxidant function, metabolism, bone development, and wound healing. [3] Although manganese is an essential nutrient… Learn More