Customer testimonial related to Sentry Air’s hex chrome fume testing

April is welding month. It’s a good time to draw attention to a testimonial from Edker Industries.

Edker Industries, Inc. Testimonial

Worker at Edker Industries welding with the SS-400-WFE running.

Application: Welding Stainless Steel
Concern: OSHA Regulation on Hexavalent Chromium
Product: SS-400-WFE
Value Added: Positive test results, boost in employee morale

“Last summer, OSHA placed an air sampling device on our employee while he was welding stainless steel. It was a relief when the results came back ‘None Detected’ for Chromium VI and Chromic acid. The fines from one incident would have probably been more than the cost of the Sentry Air filtration unit. Obviously, it was money well spent. Not only from the savings on possible fines but also the appreciation from employees when they know we care enough about their health and safety to purchase top-notch safety equipment.

Tom Kerbaugh
Edker Industries, Inc.

As you can see, our Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor has done a good job for them and their welders.

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