Testimonial: Kingpin Tattoo Supply uses welding and solder fume extractors


Florida’s Kingpin Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals.

They manufacture their own line of tattoo equipment and also offer medical and piercing supplies.in Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals.

Their product line includes tattoo machines, inks, chairs, design collections – everything a tattoo shop might need.

The company’s business model minimizes out-sourcing and takes pride in offering high levels of customer service.

Welding, brazing, soldering

In the shop, Kingpin artisans weld, braze and solder.

Materials in the fillers used in these operations include silver, brass, and silicon bronze on welding and brazing rods.

Silver solder wire can contain flux, which often contains copper, zinc and tin.

When heated, metals and filler compounds emit hazardous fumes that should not be inhaled.

A better way

Kingpin used fans to ventilate their workspace initially, but they knew there had to be a better way to look out for their lungs.

So they did an online search for ‘fume extractors’.

Our name appeared on the screen and the resulting transaction produced fume extraction for all their metal-based production tasks.

Soldering fume extractor

Kingpin posted a photo of our Winged Sentry on Instagram — we like those hearts!

Kingpin now uses a Model SS-200-WS Winged Sentry with a transparent lid for soldering.

Fumes are moved away from the artisans’ breathing zone and into a filtration system of carbon pre-filters and HEPA media before they can spread.

Vice-president Walter Smith said they keep the soldering iron within the unit’s wings even when no one is soldering because an iron’s hot tip can smoke as it’s cooling down.

Welding and brazing

The Model 300 Portable Fume extractor looks at home in Kingpin’s shop.

Kingpin uses a Model SS-300-PFS Portable Fume Extractor for both welding and brazing.

Hazardous fumes produced by both types of hot metal work are captured by the unit’s HEPA filter.

Workers can roll the unit from the brazing work station to the welding station on its casters, and/or they can swivel the fire-retardant flex-hose to place the capture hood exactly where it’s needed.


Both units have a two-year warranty.


 “The extractors work really well. Our folks love them.”

Walter Smith
Kingpin Tattoo Supply


You can find information about Kingpin on Facebook, Instagram and their website.

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