UV Light Now Available in Portable Clean Rooms

Customers looking to purchase portable clean room (PCR) hoods now have the option of adding our Ultraviolet Light (UV) to the unit. The UVC is operated by a three-way switch that controls either a fluorescent light, UV light, or powers the lighting system off completely. The new upgrade also offers the operator a timer that can be programmed for intervals of 15, 30, 60, and 90 minutes of which the UV light will decontaminate the hood.

A Sentry Air portable clean room undergoing UV decontamination.

This portable clean room glows blue as it undergoes a decontamination interval

The UV light uses a short wavelength that can destroy harmful microorganisms within the hood. This process removes the microorganism’s reproductive capabilities and kills the germs within the hood. This is beneficial for those working in biological labs or those wanting to create a sterile environment prior to working inside the confines of the portable clean room.

Sentry Air Systems design engineers took great care to develop a UV light that has a strong line-of sight within the PCR. The exposure of the UV light is critical for decontamination within the hood, and SAS has done an excellent job of developing this. Safety is always an important factor for Sentry Air Systems, and shielding the operator’s direct line of sight from the bulb was a major objective for the design team.

Sales Manager Omar Ilsever recommends that while the Ultraviolet Light (UV) is running no one should have direct contact with the system, or directly look at the hood. “It is still imperative that safety measures are taken around the UV light, and that those in the room leave until the system has completed its decontamination cycle” states Ilsever.

The UV lighting package needs to be factory installed and Ilsever states that it is imperative that if the customers want this option it needs to be added prior to leaving the facility. Ilsever stated, “We are very excited about offering this new accessory to our customers, we feel that the high-quality engineering and performance of the UV light will be a great addition to our sturdy line of portable clean room hoods”

This unit accessory can be installed into the 24”, 30, and 40” wide Portable Clean Rooms for assistance in sterilization.

For further information regarding this optional ultraviolet light or any other Sentry Air Systems product, please call us at 713.690.2153 or email us at sales@sentryair.com.