Testimonial: Ductless Powder Containment Hoods for Pharmaceutical Compounding

Empower Pharmacy of Houston, TX compounds custom medications to suit individual patient needs. They approached us during their search for a respiratory engineering control for the Pharmacist and Technicians while they compound. They specified that they would be working the majority of the day compounding capsules (capsule filling) and creams.

After a thorough consultation with one of our Applications Specialists, two 50″ Wide Standard Powder Containment Hoods were recommended for their processes.

The pharmaceutical technicians used these Powder Hoods for a period of time, but realized that they would need a higher sash opening because of the processes they performed:

“My technicians loved the quality and effectiveness of the hoods and complained only about the small size of the opening where they did their work. Sentry [Air] quickly redesigned custom hoods to my needs, took away the old ones and replaced them on the spot. Now my techs are loving the new hoods and I couldn’t be happier with the excellent service I received.” –Pharmacist, Empower Pharmacy

Sentry Air Systems Powder Containment Hoods are available in a variety of standard widths [12″, 18″ 24″, 30″, 40″, 50″, 60″, 70], but many Pharmacists find that their processes require Powder Hoods with customized features, such as modified size requirements [width, height, depth, sash opening], custom cutouts [additional access areas], customized hood material, and other options.

“I needed to find quality hoods at reasonable prices, without all the frills and useless gimmicks a lot of other companies out there are adding to their products and I found the perfect hoods for my needs with Sentry Air Systems.” Pharmacist, Empower Pharmacy

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