Testimonial: Halliburton-Baroid Training Lab

Halliburton is an oilfield service company.

The Baroid arm of the company provides solutions to the challenging areas of fluids and waste management.

Training center seeks to protect students 

Halliburton-Baroid installed a series of custom Sentry Air Ductless Fume Hoods in their training center for Field Service Representatives, who use chemicals and specialized tools to analyze core samples.

Facility managers at the training center wanted air-cleaning systems that were both effective and easy to use. We provided them.

“Before installing Sentry Air systems, the fumes from operating high temperature equipment could be overwhelming at times.

After installing the Sentry Air systems, the fumes are contained and the students have added protection against possible fluid splatter.

Hope Morris
Training Lab-Baroid Fluid Services Manager

The lab’s manager added that the installation “is easy to maintain and the sleek appearance impresses everyone who sees them.”

Modular design has benefits

The modular design of our units provided the flexibility to fit exactly into the training center’s existing physical and operational environment.

Because the students’ lab activities include the production of chemical fumes and particulate, the units are equipped with both activated carbon filters [for chemical fumes] and HEPA filters [for particulate].

Should only one type of filtration be required at a future date, the units can be equipped with a single filter type without problem.

As you can see in our 3D rendering of the installation below, the air cleaners we provided for Halliburton-Baroid are mounted to a wall with custom containment hoods situated below them on a bench.

If they had needed stand-alone hoods [without wall mounting] the
modular nature of our basic system architecture would be equally effective
in that 

Modular design provides benefits in configuration, filtration and ease of maintenance.

Customized documents

Sentry Air was pleased to provide customized operations and maintenance documentation for this installation.

We also documented the shipment of our units to this local customer in an earlier blog: http://bit.ly/ZoewSI.

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