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Read content about 3d printing and how fume extraction can be an integral part of the integrity of your 3d printing applications.

Fume & Particulate Control for Forensics 3D Printing

Forensics 3D Printing In recent years, forensics 3D printing has increased usage in the forensics and law enforcement fields due to more economically-priced printers, lasers, and scanners. Additionally, the seemingly infinite printing possibilities and uses in these fields have led to greater adoption of this technology. Historically, law enforcement and court officials have relied heavily… Learn More

A discussion on 3D printers, UFP emission, and HEPA filtration

  Nowadays, it is a common sight to see 3D printers in homes, schools, offices, labs, and workshops. The ability to quickly and economically print objects and prototypes make 3D printing one of the fastest-growing technologies today. The process of creating three-dimensional printed objects is actually quite interesting. The majority of commercially available 3D printers… Learn More

Testimonial: fume extraction for a 3D printer that runs 24/7

Axonics Modulation Technologies is a California company that develops implantable devices to treat urinary and fecal dysfunction. They recently emailed us about an unpleasant 3D printer fume problem that was solved with the help of a Sentry Air representative and the modular design principles basic to the Model 300 fume extractor. The Odor Problem We… Learn More

Testimonial: 3D printing of model hearts by Phoenix Children’s Hospital workflow made safer with ductless technology

Cardiac surgeons require a great deal of imagery before they operate on a child’s heart. They need to be able to visualize the arrangement of the heart’s components and defects they want to correct before they embark on surgery. For decades, visualization imagery was provided by MRIs and CT scans. Now those imaging technologies are… Learn More

3D printing fume extraction for the medical and surgical industry

While 3D printing has been used by medical professionals for the past decade, new software and technology has created a resurgence in popularity. Medical and surgical professionals turn to 3D printing for its accuracy, variety of printing material and availability in the marketplace. Medical schools and training facilities print near perfect 3D plastic replicas of… Learn More

Digital dentistry: Are you properly filtering those 3D printer fumes?

As the price tag decreases and the precision and accuracy increases, the incorporation of 3D printers in dental and orthodontic practices are becoming more prevalent. For decades, dental professionals have been trained on the art of making molds, splints, partials, surgical drill patterns and a variety of other oral apparatuses. The easiest way to describe… Learn More