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Content that focuses on Sentry Air System’s line of Fume Extractor configurations, choice of efficiency, and applications.

Dangerous dust: Control measures during concrete testing

While the term ‘concrete jungle’ is commonly used to describe buzzing downtown urban areas, concrete is a major player throughout our global infrastructure. Concrete is used in many residential and commercial applications, from home construction and commercial skyscrapers, to roads, highways and large diameter pipeline. In fact, our safety is dependent upon how strong concrete… Learn More

A clean air gem for Jewel Day 2015: Manon Doyle

Metalsmith and jewelry maker Manon Doyle regularly reinvents her artistic self. Her first love was painting. Then she worked in glass mosaics for a while, sometimes in three dimensions, like a sculptor. When she was ready to move on from mosaics, she chose enamel work. To learn enameling basics, she attended workshops at Haystack Mountain… Learn More

3D printing fume extraction for the medical and surgical industry

While 3D printing has been used by medical professionals for the past decade, new software and technology has created a resurgence in popularity. Medical and surgical professionals turn to 3D printing for its accuracy, variety of printing material and availability in the marketplace. Medical schools and training facilities print near perfect 3D plastic replicas of… Learn More

Comparing Solder Fume Extractors: It’s all about the filter

Whether you suffer from headaches after soldering or are trying to comply with OSHA regulations, certain considerations should be made before purchasing a solder fume extractor. There is a wide range of solder fume extractors on the market priced from $45 to several hundred dollars. Before you are tempted by the price tag, consider why… Learn More

Digital dentistry: Are you properly filtering those 3D printer fumes?

As the price tag decreases and the precision and accuracy increases, the incorporation of 3D printers in dental and orthodontic practices are becoming more prevalent. For decades, dental professionals have been trained on the art of making molds, splints, partials, surgical drill patterns and a variety of other oral apparatuses. The easiest way to describe… Learn More

Respirable coffee dust extraction and filtration

According to a publication from the World Health Organization, dust is considered to be a solid particle ranging in size from below 1 µm (micrometer or micron) up to at least 100 µm, which may become airborne, depending on origin, physical characteristics and ambient conditions. Below is a reference chart comparing the size of common… Learn More

Fume Extraction for Electrical Potting and Encapsulating Compounds

Electrical components including PCBs, wires, and other assemblies require a form of “seal” to protect them from environmental exposures that could result in electrical shorts, sparks or complete electrical failure. There are a variety of products and techniques on the market used to create these seals. For today’s discussion we will focus on the product… Learn More

Jewel Day 2014: Catherine Witherell

If you sometimes struggle with your creative life and occasionally need a lift, visit the happydayart blog of artist Catherine Witherell. She’s a creative tour de force, a jewelry maker, sculptor, printmaker, collagist, photographer, painter — to name only the most obvious. Maker space in her head Catherine’s online presence is one of happy and… Learn More

Elevated Stand

A complementary accessory to our fume extractors, the Elevated Stand is a one-of-a-kind, high-strength industrial piece of equipment that secures and elevates our fume extractors up and off of the floor. The stand takes up almost zero floor space and doesn’t require wall mounting or ceiling suspension; an option previously hard to come by without… Learn More