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Content that focuses on Sentry Air System’s line of Fume Extractor configurations, choice of efficiency, and applications.

Controlling Styrene Fume Exposure in the Manufacturing Sector

Styrene is a group of substances known as the volatile organic compounds and is a critical component to a multitude of products. Styrene enables manufactured products to deliver highly sought after benefits, including strength, durability, comfort and safety. Common uses of styrene include: Rigid food and drink storage containers Appliance housings Automobile body parts Wind… Learn More

Reducing Seed Treatment Dust Off

The Guide to Seed Treatment Stewardship defines seed treatment as the application of biological organisms and chemical ingredients to seed to suppress, control, or repelling plant pathogens, insects, or other pests that attack seeds, seedlings or plants. Seed applied technologies such as inoculants, herbicide safeners, micronutrients, plant growth regulators, seed coatings, colorants, etc. may also… Learn More

Testimonial: IceAlert, Inc. says adhesive fumes gone – completely

IceAlert, Inc. produces innovative safety systems that warn drivers and pedestrians when temperatures have dropped and ice may be present on roads and walkways. When placed along a highway, the IceAlert system alerts drivers to potentially hazardous driving situations. In parking lots or along sidewalks, the system signals pedestrians to tread carefully as ice may… Learn More

Clean Air Gem: Sylla Designs

Silver – handcrafted and like no other Jewelry designed and hand-crafted by Sylla reflects his deep affiliation with the medium shown here, silver, and the precise manual techniques of his Senegalese jewelry-making family. Bangles, bracelets, more To celebrate Jewel Day 2013, Sentry Air is featuring bracelets designed and crafted by Sylla. Please note that Sylla… Learn More

Clean Air Gem: Nicole Wayne Adornment Design

Textures, moods, design integrity Jewelry designed and created by Kim Coy transmits her admiration of forms found in nature and their inherent perfection. She figures if she works to nature’s standards, she’ll produce elegant jewelry so well made it will last a lifetime. Career changed, jewelry lovers benefitted In celebration of Jewel Day 2013, Sentry… Learn More

Testimonial: Epoxy and Adhesive Fume Control – Bulow Biotech Prosthetics

Company and Application Bulow Biotech Prosthetics provides custom, functional and cosmetic prostheses to individuals who have suffered an amputation of an extremity. They use epoxies and adhesives to fabricate prostheses and were seeking a quick solution for removing fumes from the workplace. Because the company was familiar with ducted systems and unsure of the effectiveness… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Essential Oil Odors

Company & Application Simplers Botanical is a “small herbalist-operated company in Northern California with a passion for providing the highest therapeutic grade organic essential oils and extracts available.” When Simplers approached us for a fume control solution for their production process, we realized that their application was very unique. Although we have worked with organic… Learn More

Making Art Can Make You Sick

Silica and risky work habits may endanger the health of ceramics artists, sculptors and metalworkers. Your creativity does not make you immune to health hazards in your studio. Ingredients that fulfill your artistic intent may also be toxic to handle. The danger posed depends on a variety of factors, including what you are exposed to… Learn More