OSHA releases final rule on respirable crystalline silica

Original regulation on occupational exposure to respirable crystalline silica – a known human carcinogen – had not been updated in over 40 years despite years of studies showing its debilitating and often fatal health effects on workers. In most recent years, the use of silica in the workplace has expanded across several new industries and… Learn More

University utilizes ductless containment hood for bone DNA extraction

Traditional DNA specimens gathered at crime and trauma scenes include hair, blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids. In most cases these are excellent sources for identifying human remains. Unfortunately, if a body is severely decomposed, exposed to extreme environmental conditions, or only skeletal remains are found, it makes recovering DNA that much more difficult. In… Learn More

Testing dairy products requires acid gas filter for fume extraction

Dairy Testing Dairy products are foods based on milk. Yogurt, cheese, kefir, butter — and milk, of course — are important foodstuffs around the globe. Regulatory agencies, food safety scientists, food technologists as well as dairy producers themselves may test dairy products using a variety of test chemicals. Some testing is designed to determine the… Learn More

Hazards of hot welding PVC and fume extraction

Our benchtop Winged Sentries provide a flexible work space for tasks that require local exhaust ventilation (LEV). For example, say a company wants to ship small trays of laboratory chemicals arranged in the order a lab tech uses them. What’s more, the company wants to provide the lab chemicals in customized amounts. Winged Sentries pull… Learn More

Economical clean room hood for platelet-rich plasma injection preparation

According to The American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is “a patient’s own concentrated platelets (that) contain a large number of growth factors.” Patients with ligament, cartilage, tendon, or bone injuries turn to PRP injections to help reduce pain and stimulate healing in the affected area(s). Since PRP injections utilize the patient’s… Learn More

Fume and dust collection during firearm coating and refinishing

Refinishing and applying coatings to firearms is very detailed and can at times be cumbersome. With several small and large parts, it is important that each step of the process be done accurately in order for the finished product to be blemish free. The process requires several steps and each step creates its own respiratory… Learn More

Cost-effective exhaust system for beryllium-copper fume removal

Recently, a customer reached out to us regarding their Beryllium-Copper (BeCu) annealing process. They requested a ducted exhaust hood to help protect their employees from breathing harmful, noxious fume while working with the BeCU parts.   Background Beryllium-Copper is a copper alloy containing small amounts of beryllium and is known for its high strength. Its… Learn More

Softwall canopy fume hoods help ventilate large work areas

A common issue in many manufacturing facilities is large equipment that produces dust and fume. These particulates can get sucked into a building’s HVAC system, float around in the ambient air, and settle on surfaces. The thought of improving air quality may sound daunting when you have several hundred or several thousand square feet, tall… Learn More

Mineral Dust: Geological Sample Preparation

Crushing, cutting, splitting, pulverizing and dividing. These are all common practices when preparing geological and mineral core samples for further testing and analysis. Breaking down a larger sample via these methods helps reduce volume and/or particle size, creates representative samples, and preps the sample for analyses like specific gravity or bulk density. There are several… Learn More