Fume extraction arms and hoses for a variety of work applications

When attached to a Sentry Air Systems fume extraction unit, our flex arms and hoses offer source-capture containment of airborne fume and particulate. Even when they are not paired with one of our units, these arms offer several solutions to circulation and ventilation issues, including: Ducting between two objects Ducting between an object and existing… Learn More

New flooring? Concerned about formaldehyde fumes in your home?

If you were exposed to formaldehyde fumes in your workplace, your employer would be required to explain the risks to you and provide appropriate safety equipment. Why? What is Formaldehyde? Formaldehyde is a volatile organic compound (VOC). VOCs are chemicals that, due to their inherent qualities, vaporize readily at normal room temperatures. Formaldehyde, an industrial… Learn More

Controlling ambient dust during soil sample testing

  Soil is the bedrock on which we build the world around us. Before highways, buildings or roadways are constructed, the soil must be tested to measure strength, stability, and possible contaminants. Civil engineers, geo-technical engineers, environmentalists and the like rely on these tests to make decisions and plans about if and how to build… Learn More

Removing soot from workplace air after a fire: Our experience

Not too many months ago, there was a fire in an adjoining suite of the business park we called home. No direct flames, lots of smoke The overwhelming smell of smoke in a significant portion of our building made it impossible to work there, so one department moved to offices with cleaner air. We lost… Learn More

Dangerous dust: Control measures during concrete testing

While the term ‘concrete jungle’ is commonly used to describe buzzing downtown urban areas, concrete is a major player throughout our global infrastructure. Concrete is used in many residential and commercial applications, from home construction and commercial skyscrapers, to roads, highways and large diameter pipeline. In fact, our safety is dependent upon how strong concrete… Learn More

Respiratory protection from Schaudinn Fixative vapor

Schaudinn’s Fixative is a mercuric chloride-based fluid that is used to preserve the integrity of sample specimens in preparation for analysis. Once specimen fixation occurs, a stain is usually applied to the samples to help in the identification of specific microscopic organisms. While not a complete list, the fields of Parasitology, Cytology and Fecal Sampling… Learn More

A clean air gem for Jewel Day 2015: Manon Doyle

Metalsmith and jewelry maker Manon Doyle regularly reinvents her artistic self. Her first love was painting. Then she worked in glass mosaics for a while, sometimes in three dimensions, like a sculptor. When she was ready to move on from mosaics, she chose enamel work. To learn enameling basics, she attended workshops at Haystack Mountain… Learn More

Removing dust and mold spores during book restoration and conservation

The art and precision of book restoration and conservation is a honed skill; one that involves countless hours of detailed yet delicate labor. The passion that goes in to restoring rare and antiquated works of literature is evidenced by the finished product. By removing layers of dirt and remediating mold spores from the pages, original… Learn More