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Read content about how filters can be an integral part of air quality in your everyday workshop, facility and applications.

Filter Center & Benefits of Changing Your Filter

New Filter Center Our new Filter Center makes it simple and easy to place filter orders! Simply fill out the Reorder Filters Form and our team will contact you within 24 hours. Your filter type can conveniently be found on the side of the control box or on the filter itself. The Filter Center can… Learn More

A discussion on 3D printers, UFP emission, and HEPA filtration

  Nowadays, it is a common sight to see 3D printers in homes, schools, offices, labs, and workshops. The ability to quickly and economically print objects and prototypes make 3D printing one of the fastest-growing technologies today. The process of creating three-dimensional printed objects is actually quite interesting. The majority of commercially available 3D printers… Learn More

Very clean, compact workspace for electronics repair and data recovery

Among our most daring and entrepreneurial customers are those willing to throw wide the doors to civilization’s sacred objects — our phones and computerized devices. When these smarties repair a tablet screen or restore a hard drive within one of our Portable Clean Room Hoods, they expose the devices’ inner workings to a clean, ISO… Learn More

Chloroform vapor control with carbon filtration

Chloroform is a by-product formed when chlorine disinfects water but also has many industrial uses (Delaware). French chemist, Jean-Baptiste Dumas, formally named and characterized chloroform in 1834. Since then, the chemical has been used for a variety of applications, including: • Solvent in the laboratory and pharmaceutical industries • Production of dyes • Bonding agent… Learn More

Activated Carbon Media Study: Block vs Granules

Carbon Filter Life Comparison Objective A: To compare the filter life efficiency of the granular activated carbon to the block activated carbon and to estimate filter life of the carbon. Experiment equipment and setup needed: Methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), SS-340-DCH, aluminum pan for chemical containment, flask to measure chemical, gas sensor for indicating breakthrough, velometer,… Learn More