Solder Fume Extractors: How to Choose the Appropriate Model

The questions below are designed to help you decide which solder fume extractor is the best fit for your particular application: What type of soldering are you doing? Hand Soldering Wave Soldering Reflow Soldering Production Soldering Maintenance Soldering Pipe Soldering Mechanical & Aluminum Soldering Resistance Soldering Stained Glass Soldering and More… The type of soldering… Learn More

Chemical-Resistant Fume and Exhaust Hoods

Sentry Air Systems carries a wide selection of Ductless Fume Hoods ranging from 12” in width up to 70” wide. These versatile hoods have been utilized in many applications over the years, including: particulate extraction, dust and powder control, soldering, volatile organic fume capture, and several other industrial processes. Ductless Fume Hoods offer simplicity and… Learn More

Fire-Retardant Fume Extraction Products

For those working in industries with high heat intensity, like welding, it is important to choose safety engineering controls that can withstand and protect against the flames and heat. For instance, welders choose heat-resistant personal protective equipment like gloves, sleeves, jackets, aprons, and helmets to protect themselves from heat and stray welding sparks. Respiratory safety… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Moxa Treatment

Sentry Air Systems was originally approached by an Acupuncturist for a fume extraction solution in 2008. She was practicing Chinese medicine using Moxa cigars (derived from an herbal plant- the mugwort). Moxa (or moxibustion) is used to treat various ailments via heat treatment and acupuncture points on the body. When this herb is burned, it… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Stained Glass Making

“I have been making stained glass as a hobby for the past 8 years. It is something that I find relaxing and love to do. However, it has always bothered me how bad the chemicals smell when I am working on my glass projects. I am also bothered by the fumes that are put off… Learn More

Testimonial: Room Air Cleaner for Allergies

“We use our Sentry Air Purifier [Model SS-300-PRAC] in the basement of our home. Before using the Sentry Air System our entire lower floor had a musty, moldy smell that no deodorant could mask. Further, we had tried using other air purifying systems but none would do the job. I have lived with allergies my… Learn More

Testimonial: Welding Fume Extractor for Machine Shop

  The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Hawaii utilizes a Sentry Air Systems Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor for a variety of processes: In our machine shop, we perform a number of operations including milling, lathing, welding and soldering/brazing. Most recently we were tasked with milling a bunch of 3/4″ thick… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extraction for Welding Stainless Steel

Edker Industries, Inc., a full-service precision sheet metal fabrication & laser cutting company, purchased a Model 400 Welding Fume Extractor for use when welding stainless steel: “Last summer, OSHA placed an air sampling device on our employee while he was welding stainless steel. It was a relief when the results came back ‘None Detected’ for Chromium… Learn More

Testimonial: Assembly of Projection Lenses in Portable Clean Room Hood

The testimonial below was written by Tony Dummett, who utilizes a Sentry Air Systems 24″ Wide Portable Clean Room Hood during the design and assembly of cinema projection lenses: “My business is the design and assembly of ultra high quality XEIT brand anamorphic cinema projection lenses. One of the critical quality benchmarks is to keep microscopic dust… Learn More

Sentry Air Systems Case Study: Isopropyl Alcohol Fume Control

INTRODUCTION Sentry Air Systems, Inc. manufactures equipment designed to capture organic solvent vapors and/or other air contaminants and, after removal, return the cleaned air to the local environment. The equipment consists of an electric motor-driven fan mounted on the top of a ductless hood that draws contaminated air through a filter or canister containing the… Learn More