Part Two – Compounding Pharmacies: Engineering Controls for Non-sterile Compounding

This is the second article in a series of three that addresses the Oklahoma Pharmacy Law Book’s airflow and filtration requirements for containment hood systems within compounding pharmacies. The first article in the series discusses the generic qualities of air flow within cabinets and hoods noted in the law book. It also identifies some of… Learn More

Part One – Compounding Pharmacies: Regulatory Airflow and Filtration

State regulators enact laws that govern many industries, including compounding pharmacies. Frequently, they rely on performance standards established by other organizations, such as the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO), American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and NSF International (formerly National Sanitation Foundation.). The acronyms of these organizations are often attached to standards cited in legislation,… Learn More

Making Art Can Make You Sick

Silica and risky work habits may endanger the health of ceramics artists, sculptors and metalworkers. Your creativity does not make you immune to health hazards in your studio. Ingredients that fulfill your artistic intent may also be toxic to handle. The danger posed depends on a variety of factors, including what you are exposed to… Learn More

Press Release: Sentry Air Systems’ New Model 500 Fume Extractor

View our most recent press release at: at Or read below:  Sentry Air Systems’ New Model 500 Industrial Fume Extractor is a Healthy Solution for Welders, Grinders and Any Worker Who Requires Both Engineered Fume Control and Maneuverability Without protection, many industrial workers may breathe harmful fumes from welding, metal working, and solvents as… Learn More

How to File a Complaint with OSHA for Poor Indoor Air Quality at Work

Poor Indoor Air Quality Can Affect your Health and Job Performance Poor indoor air quality can be a common problem in workplaces. Because employees spend a large portion of their day at work, the indoor environmental quality of work facilities can have a noticeable and sometimes chronic effect on employee health. Typical undesirable air quality… Learn More

Testimonial: Ductless Powder Containment Hoods for Pharmaceutical Compounding

Empower Pharmacy of Houston, TX compounds custom medications to suit individual patient needs. They approached us during their search for a respiratory engineering control for the Pharmacist and Technicians while they compound. They specified that they would be working the majority of the day compounding capsules (capsule filling) and creams. After a thorough consultation with one… Learn More

Fume Control for Conformal Coating PCBs [Ductless Spray Hoods]

Conformal Coating A highly recommended last step in the manufacturing process of developing printed circuit boards (PCBs) is conformal coating. Conformal coating is a protective film that is applied to PCBs to protect them from a variety of naturally-occurring and man-made environmental hazards, including moisture, chemicals, dust, corrosion, and extreme temperatures. This protective measure is especially important for sensitive… Learn More

Ductless Benchtop Spray Hood for 3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray Fume Control

3M Super 77 Multipurpose Adhesive Spray is used regularly in a variety of creative industries, including graphic design, advertising, model-making and architectural firms, product packaging companies, printing shops, and more. Because this product is so useful and may be used practically everyday in some businesses, the health effects associated with it are often overlooked. In reality, your… Learn More

Customizing Your Fume Extractor in Five Steps

Workspaces and applications differ from person to person and company to company. Fume extraction is not “one size fits all”, which is why we at Sentry Air Systems emphasize modularity in our fume extraction and air purification products. All of our fume extractors start from the same basic concept: an efficient and reliable recirculating air… Learn More

Testimonial: Ductless Spray Paint Booth for Paints & Solvents

Our Ductless Spray Paint Hoods are receiving raving reviews about their performance and safety features. Here are two testimonials from different customers about their Sentry Air experience. Spray Painting Custom Radio Controlled Aircraft Canopies I purchased my Sentry Air Systems spray hood to control the fumes and particulates when spray painting custom radio-controlled aircraft canopies…. Learn More