Welding, Manganese Fumes, and Related Negative Health Effects

Manganese: Both Healthy & Toxic Manganese, a naturally-occurring element, is a very important component for a variety of manufacturing and industrial operations, especially iron and steel production. It is also considered to be an essential nutrient for humans. It assists in a variety of bodily processes, including antioxidant function, metabolism, bone development, and wound healing [3]…. Learn More

Fume Hoods for Fecal Sample Testing

The importance of appropriate ventilation and filtration is apparent in several aspects of fecal sample testing: from odor to biohazards to the chemicals used during testing. Sentry Air Systems 18″ Wide Ductless Fume Hood is pictured above. Fume Hoods are generally the most common configuration used for fecal sample testing because they offer the most… Learn More

Collodion Adhesive: Possible Health Effects & Fume Extraction Recommendations

Collodion, a combination of nitrocellulose, ethyl ether, and ethanol, is a substance that is used for attaching electrodes to the head during EEG’s (Electroencephalography). EEG’s are performed for a variety of medical reasons and are a primary research and diagnostic tool regarding electrical activity in the brain.   Electrodes must securely be attached to the scalp… Learn More

Metal Fume Fever

Welder’s ague, zinc shakes, Monday fever, brass founders’ ague, and smelter chills are just a few of the names that metal fume fever has been referred to over the years [it was first documented in the mid-1800s]. [1] This occupational illness is typically seen in workers that weld, cut or heat metal materials; specifically zinc…. Learn More

Reducing Hazardous Exposure to Organic Solvents

  According to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), the “health hazards associated with solvent exposure include toxicity to the nervous system, reproductive damage, liver and kidney damage, respiratory impairment, cancer, and dermatitis.” [Ref. 1]  What is a Solvent? A solvent is any substance (solid, liquid, or gas) that can dissolve another solid, liquid, or… Learn More

Solder Fume Extractors: How to Choose the Appropriate Model

The questions below are designed to help you decide which solder fume extractor is the best fit for your particular application: What type of soldering are you doing? Hand Soldering Wave Soldering Reflow Soldering Production Soldering Maintenance Soldering Pipe Soldering Mechanical & Aluminum Soldering Resistance Soldering Stained Glass Soldering and More… The type of soldering… Learn More

Chemical-Resistant Fume and Exhaust Hoods

Sentry Air Systems carries a wide selection of Ductless Fume Hoods ranging from 12” in width up to 70” wide. These versatile hoods have been utilized in many applications over the years, including: particulate extraction, dust and powder control, soldering, volatile organic fume capture, and several other industrial processes. Ductless Fume Hoods offer simplicity and… Learn More

Fire-Retardant Fume Extraction Products

For those working in industries with high heat intensity, like welding, it is important to choose safety engineering controls that can withstand and protect against the flames and heat. For instance, welders choose heat-resistant personal protective equipment like gloves, sleeves, jackets, aprons, and helmets to protect themselves from heat and stray welding sparks. Respiratory safety… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Moxa Treatment

Sentry Air Systems was originally approached by an Acupuncturist for a fume extraction solution in 2008. She was practicing Chinese medicine using Moxa cigars (derived from an herbal plant- the mugwort). Moxa (or moxibustion) is used to treat various ailments via heat treatment and acupuncture points on the body. When this herb is burned, it… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Stained Glass Making

“I have been making stained glass as a hobby for the past 8 years. It is something that I find relaxing and love to do. However, it has always bothered me how bad the chemicals smell when I am working on my glass projects. I am also bothered by the fumes that are put off… Learn More