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Testimonial: Kingpin Tattoo Supply uses welding and solder fume extractors

  Florida’s Kingpin Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals. They manufacture their own line of tattoo equipment and also offer medical and piercing Tattoo provides equipment and supplies to tattoo professionals. Their product line includes tattoo machines, inks, chairs, design collections – everything a tattoo shop might need. The company’s business model… Learn More

Testimonial: Sentry Air portable clean room increased screen-repair business

Jamey Dunham runs Repair Proz, an electronics repair business in Murfreesboro,Tennessee. He can repair just about any electronic device he encounters. These days, repairing electronic computer tablets with broken screens is a major part of his business. Dust vulnerability Microelectronic components in computerized devices are vulnerable to dust. A single speck can render them useless,… Learn More

Testimonial: Margaret Burnham, Art Conservator, Birmingham Museum of Art

Many people would be surprised to know that the people who protect art need protection, too. Health hazards for conservators The products conservators use do a good job of mending and preserving art objects, but they may emit fumes or particles that shouldn’t be inhaled. At the Birmingham Museum of Art, Margaret Burnham focuses on… Learn More

Testimonial: Halliburton-Baroid Training Lab

Halliburton is an oilfield service company. The Baroid arm of the company provides solutions to the challenging areas of fluids and waste management. Training center seeks to protect students  Halliburton-Baroid installed a series of custom Sentry Air Ductless Fume Hoods in their training center for Field Service Representatives, who use chemicals and specialized tools to… Learn More

Testimonial: IceAlert, Inc. says adhesive fumes gone – completely

IceAlert, Inc. produces innovative safety systems that warn drivers and pedestrians when temperatures have dropped and ice may be present on roads and walkways. When placed along a highway, the IceAlert system alerts drivers to potentially hazardous driving situations. In parking lots or along sidewalks, the system signals pedestrians to tread carefully as ice may… Learn More

Testimonial: Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron, Inc.

Old Dutchman’s Wrought Iron in Getzville, New York, offers a wide range of custom railing systems for both homes and commercial facilities. They use a variety of metals in their work, including stainless steel, and they take pride in their use of both old techniques and new technologies. Stainless steel and hex chrome Hexavalent chromium,… Learn More

Testimonial: Epoxy and Adhesive Fume Control – Bulow Biotech Prosthetics

Company and Application Bulow Biotech Prosthetics provides custom, functional and cosmetic prostheses to individuals who have suffered an amputation of an extremity. They use epoxies and adhesives to fabricate prostheses and were seeking a quick solution for removing fumes from the workplace. Because the company was familiar with ducted systems and unsure of the effectiveness… Learn More

Testimonial: Fume Extractor for Essential Oil Odors

Company & Application Simplers Botanical is a “small herbalist-operated company in Northern California with a passion for providing the highest therapeutic grade organic essential oils and extracts available.” When Simplers approached us for a fume control solution for their production process, we realized that their application was very unique. Although we have worked with organic… Learn More

Testimonial: Vertical Laminar Flow Hood for Fungal Cell Culture

Ecovative Design is a biomaterials company that grows replacements of synthetic foam, such as MycoComposite™, that is comprised of agricultural waste (seed hulls) and mushroom mycelium. They utilize several Sentry Air Systems air purification systems, including both laminar flow hoods (also known as Portable Clean Room Hoods or Tissue Culture Hoods) and ductless chemical fume hoods…. Learn More